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10 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Men who Love to Travel

Raksha Kulkarni Jan 9, 2020
One of the most difficult things in life is to decide what to gift to a loved one. Moreover, a man who’s bitten by the travel bug. It’s like they own everything and have seen pretty much everything. To come to your rescue, we have made a list of a few gift ideas that is sure to impress the traveler in your life.

1. Universal Power Adapter

A traveler needs his equipment charged and an universal adapter is his savior! An adapter is a MUST while traveling to different countries. Out of the numerous options, buy one which has a few USB ports making charging more easier and efficient.

2. A Powerbank

A power bank will make sure that the traveler always stays in touch with his family, even where charging isn't feasible. There are several options but choose a smaller and sleeker one with a good battery backup. Nowadays, you can even get a solar power charger which might be of great help where electricity is sparse.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Traveling with a portable bluetooth speaker is bliss! They are easy to carry and operate. The person can clip them to their backpack or just carry around to enjoy good music anytime. Choose one in your budget from a plethora of options.

4. Electronics Organizer Case

We all know how difficult it is to keep our cables organized, especially while traveling. An organizer case is perfect to keep your headphones, cables, hard disks or pen drives in one place. If your man is a techie, he sure will love this!

5. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Even while you’re traveling, you need your space! These headphones are perfect for travelers in that way. They help cut out the intensity of loud noises like the noise of an airplane or others alike.

6. Scratch-off Map Posters

This is a wonderful and affordable gift. They can stick the poster on a wall and keep scratching off places they’ve visited. It always will be a constant reminder of how much they have covered and how much is left for them to explore.

7. A GoPro

If your budget can increase, a GoPro is definitely the one! This compact camera is the best for an adventurous soul. It is waterproof and provides great clarity in its wide-angled photos. A perfect way to capture all his travel tales, isn't it?

8. A Money Belt with a Passport Holder

The idea behind a money belt is to save your money from pickpockets. Also, it is easier to keep cash and credit cards organized in one place without carrying a wallet. Nowadays, you get belts with a passport holder too. These are very convenient and helpful in the travel rush.

9. Phone Grip with a Remote

We all know the struggle of holding our phone while clicking a selfie with the view. This grip has a small tripod and a Bluetooth remote for helping you click the best of your photos.

10. Beard Trimmer

Last but not the least, a man has to always look good! A beard trimmer is better than a shaving kit as he won't need a shaving cream or water. The trimmer just has to be plugged in and the person can get his look right on point.
You can also gift your man some of the most common things that he'll be needing even in his routine life. Things like -
  • A Laptop Backpack
  • A Waterproof Jacket
  • A Multi-tool
  • Sunglasses
  • A Trolley Bag or a Duffel Bag
We're sure your man will be thankful for whatever you gift. After all, it's the sweet gesture that matters!