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7 Wonders of the World Everyone Dreams to Visit

Have you visited these 7 wonders of the world? Add them to your travel bucket list if you haven't yet!
Did You Know?
YouTuber Simon Wilson holds the record of visiting all 7 Wonders of the World in just 7 days!
Taj Mahal
It took 22 years and over 20,000 workers to complete the construction of this mausoleum, which is a symbol of eternal love.
It receives 7-8 million visitors every year.
It is the largest amphitheater in the world which can house over 50,000 spectators.
It remains to be an icon of Rome and receives 6 million tourists annually.

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Chichen Itza
It is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is one of the most visited archeological sites in Mexico, welcoming more than 2 million people each year.
It was one of the largest Maya cities built in the pre-Columbian era and features a wide variety of architectural styles.
Machu Picchu
Located in the Andes, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most visited tourist destination in Peru, receiving half a million visitors annually.

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Unlike other Inca cities which were destroyed by the Spanish conquest, this city wasn't, due to its invisible location.
Christ the Redeemer
This colossal statue of Jesus depicts a cross and is representative of love and peace.

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A symbol of Christianity and an icon of Rio De Janeiro and Brazil, this statue is visited by around 2 million people every year.
An icon of Jordan and its most visited tourist destination, Petra is a prehistoric city whose caves, tombs and temples tell stories of a lost civilization.
It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that receives over 1 million tourists every year.
Great Wall of China
It took around 1 million workers to build this magnanimous wall and it is the world's longest man-made structure.
50 million tourists visit here every year to see this wonder of engineering and architecture.
These New 7 wonders of the world speak volumes about human intelligence and the rich history and culture of the countries where they belong.
No wonder they are among the most sought-after travel destinations across the globe.

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May 6, 2021
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