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15 Interesting Facts about Sucre, Bolivia

Find some amazing facts about Sucre.
Raksha Kulkarni Jun 11, 2024
Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia in South America. The city is the sixth largest and most populated in the country. The city is very famous for its rich history.

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The Gorgeous City of Sucre
Sucre is located in a valley surrounded by mighty mountains, at an altitude of 9214 feet.

The weather in this city is pretty mild throughout the year, ranging from 57 to 68 degrees.
Sucre has a population of more than 224,000. Spanish is the official language of the people here. Nonetheless, there are 40 other indigenous languages spoken here.
Sucre was declared as the first capital of Bolivia on July 12, 1839. Also, that’s when the city was named after an 18th century freedom fighter, Antonio José de Sucre.
Sucre has many names like “The White City”, “La Plata”(during the Spanish Empire), “Chuquisaca”( pre-Columbian name) and “Charcas”.

Sucre is known as the “Chocolate Capital of Bolivia”. The chocolates made here are truly delicious!

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Notice the "white" buildings which is the reason behind the name "The White City".
It was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Even today, there are strict rules about the preservation and development of the city.
Sucre boasts of the most beautiful and well-preserved colonial architecture on the continent. Churches like The Metropolitan Cathedral of Sucre, La Merced, San Lazaro, San Miguel (in the picture) and Santa Clara date back to the 17th century.
Metropolitan Cathedral of Sucre Bolivia
Bolivia’s declaration of independence was signed in 1825 and is preserved in Sucre, at The Casa de la Libertad. Also, Museo de la Recoleta (in the picture) is a 16th century museum which boasts of numerous paintings.
Universidad San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca in Sucre was founded in 1624, making it one of the oldest in the New World.
The university is popular among students studying medicine and law. Sucre was even called the Athens of South America because of the university.
Sucre is known for affordable living as Bolivia is one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world.

It is also known for inexpensive Spanish tuitions in South America! Bolivians are known for their fluent Spanish.
Plaza 25 de Mayo is the main plaza of the city. It is truly beautiful with numerous stunning monuments and fountains. It is surrounded with white-washed colonial buildings.

Parque Bolívar is the largest park in the city. It is also very beautiful and has a climbable replica of the Eiffel Tower in the center. There are light and music show with a fountain.
Believe it or not, there’s a fairytale pink castle where a real prince and princess once lived. The castle called “Castillo de la Glorieta” was built by a wealthy mining couple who were famous for their huge charity work.
Cemeterio General, a burial ground in the city, is a wonderful example of South American horizontal graveyard construction.
The city is famous for its perfectly preserved dinosaur footprints.
There are over 5000 footprints of almost 15 species of dinosaur at Cal Orco. Also, there are cute dinosaur shaped telephone boxes around the city.

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Football is the most played sport in this city. The Estadio Patria is the 2nd largest football and Olympic stadium in the country.
For a glimpse of the history and culture of Bolivia, you must visit this tranquil Bolivian city, Sucre.