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Amazing Things You Should Know About Niue Island

Raksha Kulkarni Jun 24, 2024
Niue is one of the largest raised coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean. It was formed due to volcanic actions almost 2 – 3 million years ago.

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The island boasts of unique landscapes and the relaxed and welcoming environment here. In fact, it’s very common to wave at each other, even strangers!
The word ‘Niue’ means ‘behold the coconut’. The residents here call the island as ‘the Rock’ because of the dramatic cliffs that have risen straight out of the ocean.
Niue Island Facts
The explorer James Cook discovered the island in 1774. The inhabitants scared him and didn’t let him land while he attempted 3 times. Hence, he named the island ‘Savage Island’.
The island has no crowds or even traffic lights. Not only that, it’s extremely safe with no crimes.
In spite of its small size, it does have one of the highest standards of living per capita among the Pacific Islands.
The currency of Niue is New Zealand dollars, but the island occasionally mints coins called Niue dollars for collectors. These coins may have Disney, superhero, and Pokemon characters.
Niue is the world’s smallest self-governing state with a population just over 1,500. Half of the population lives in the capital village of Alofi and others are in the 13 other villages.
It also is the first country to go smoke-free.
More Niueans live in New Zealand than in Niue, almost 22,000 people, because of their free citizenship. The island has a free association with NZ after the Constitution Act signed in October 1974.
People here speak the language Niuean but it is classified as an endangered language by UNESCO. Only 7,000 people speak this language. Apart from that, English is widely spoken.
The island is the world’s first ’Wi-Fi nation’. The island offers free Wi-Fi to people all over the island.
The island is home to large coconut crabs called uga which is a large part of the cuisine. Later, their shells are used as jewelry.
The island’s highest point is an unnamed peak standing tall at 68 meters (223 feet) near the Mutalau settlement.
The island’s national sport is darts. Also, the most popular sport is rugby.
The island is one of the places where you can actually swim with whales in the crystal clear waters. The island is blessed with some unique flora and fauna too.

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There’s a golf course on the island which is right by the jail. Don’t worry about playing with the inmates though!