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An Adventurous Trip to Skagway, Alaska

Dhanashree Khadke Jun 21, 2024
If you are looking for some outdoor activities in Skagway, you are at the right place. Here are top adventure activities to do in Skagway, that you must include in your bucket list to explore the Alaskan beauty with a thrill!
White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad
Witness the world's one of the most picturesque rail journey from White Pass to Yukon. During this ride, enjoy the breathtaking views of mountains, tunnels, valleys, and waterfalls, and surrounding countryside.
What makes this railroad special is that it was constructed during the Klondike Gold Rush years! Do read some stories about this fascinating era beforehand to double the joy of this journey.
Skagway Dog Sledding and Glacier Helicopter Tour
You can take a combined tour of helicopter flightseeing and dog sledding to make the most of this tour. Your journey starts with a helicopter ride to Denver Glacier dog camp.
Flying over huge glaciers, snowfields, and floating icebergs, is nothing short of a miracle!
Once you reach the Denver glacier, you will experience the most coveted adventure of Alaska - exploring the glacier with sled dogs!
Raft Tour in Taiya River
Go for a river rafting experience in Taiya or Dyea river. The river valley is girded by lush flora and fauna, splendid glaciers, and wildlife.
To make this trip more adventurous, go for hiking at the 2-miles Chilkoot Trail that takes about 1.5 - 2 hours and then take a relaxing boat ride on the Taiya River.
Keep your camera handy to spot some bald eagles and bears while on the trip.
Play Golf on Marvelous Canvas of Skagway Beauty 
Spend 3-5 hours playing golf at The Valley of the Eagles golf course near Haines. It is one of the most scenic golf courses in the world, surrounded by riverfront and mountain vistas.

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Skagway Chilkoot Horseback Ride
Explore the glorious history of this land in the original Gold Rush stampeders style! Take a horseback tour through the Klondike Gold Rush National Park to the Dyea Valley.