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Beaches in West Virginia, US

Megha Dahake Jun 24, 2024
Beach nestled amid mountain peaks, ideal for weekend escapes.
Jennings Randolph Lake Beach
Escape the routine! Ideal for fishing and boating lovers.
Summersville Lake Beach

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Untouched lake spans 1,440 acres with 44 miles of shoreline, offering scenic views.
Lake Sutton
Tygart Lake State Park, south of Grafton, offers stunning views and vibrant energy.
Tygart Lake State Park
In West Virginia's Allegheny Mountains, elevations range up to 4,863 feet.
The Stuart Recreation Area in Elkins

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Seneca Rocks Beach
Rock climbing fan? Try Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County, West Virginia.
Enjoy riverside caves and scenic beauty for a fun-filled day!
Lake Sherwood Beach
Explore the serene waters of Cheat River in Eastern West Virginia.
Shavers Fork Beaches
Amongst the deepest lakes in Lewis County West Virginia, surrounded with reverberating hills, the lake gets its name from General Stonewall Jackson.
Stonewall Jackson Lake Beach
The lake, initially built for flood control, now hosts 29 fish species!
East Lynn Lake Beaches