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Everything You Should Know About Ellora Caves

Megha Dahake Jun 24, 2024
The Ellora Caves are carved into excellence and are the biggest solo archaeological sites in the world located in Maharashtra.

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The Ellora caves are a convergence of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist means of life and the archetype of Indian rock-cut structural design.
Ellora is a series of renowned cave temples which were set up in the course of (6th and 9th centuries) the reign of the Kalachuri, Chalukya and Rashtrakuta regimes.
There are total 34 caves, in which 12 are Buddhist, 17 are Hindu and 5 are Jain, that transmits the enrichment of ancient India to vitality.
The most incredible of the cave temples is Kailasa (Kailasanatha; cave 16), which is exhumed from a basaltic slant that is the reason it is bared to sunbeams.
The caves are made up of volcanic Basalt rock that exemplify the essence of forbearance which was the prime attribute of ancient India.
The Vishvakarma cave (cave 10) has statuettes of Hindu and Buddhist statures and a dynamic sight of dancing dwarfs.
Noteworthy amid the Jain temples is cave 32, which consists of statuettes of lotus flowers and elegant ornaments.
There are five Ellora Jain caves that are sequenced from Number 30 to 34. There are six more Jaina Caves on the reverse fa├žade of this hill.