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17 Interesting Facts About Hudson River

Prabhakar Pillai Jun 25, 2024
The famous Hudson River is located in the US state of New York. It stretches 315 miles. Let's take a look at this important river of the United States.

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The historic river once had a plethora of Sloops (single mast sailing boats). This occurred way back in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Hudson River Maritime Museum has a stellar and a rich oral history collection.
There is a greenhouse floating on the river's waters. Energy is supplied by biofuels, solar panels and wind turbines. The crops are irrigated by rainwater as well as purified water of the Hudson river.
A 6,000 foot bridge was once planned across the river. If the project was executed, a massive landmark would have been present today.
More than 200 species of fishes inhabit the waters of the river. The fish that stands out is the Atlantic Sturgeon which may have a lifespan exceeding 60 years.
Two separate Churches christened 'The first Church of Our Savior' and 'Second Church of Our Savior' respectively floated on the iconic river's waters sometime in the 19th century.
The river is referred to as 'The North River' on some old nautical maps from the 17th to 19th centuries.
The magnificent river is also dubbed a 'Drowned River'.
Did you know that the lower Hudson is technically an estuary? 2 high tides and 2 low tides occur every 24 hours in Troy which is at a distance of 153 miles from the majestic New York Harbor.

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Popular recreational activities on the river include sailing, boating and kayaking.
Some folks call the river Feldspar Brook or Opalescent River.
The river gets its name from Henry Hudson, an English sailor who arrived here in 1609. Interestingly Canada's Hudson Bay is also named after him.
The charming river is overlooked at Manhattan by the World Trade Center.
The river boasts of the planet's 2nd longest pedestrian footbridge.
The commissioning of 3 canals in the 19th century linked the Hudson river with the Great Lakes and the Delaware river valley.
The river witnessed many battles during the American revolution, notably the game changing American triumph at Saratoga.
The river functions as a political boundary between the two significant US states of New York and New Jersey.