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Smallest Countries in the World

Etiksha Mewada Jun 22, 2024
1. Vatican City
Capital: Rome
Known as "Holy See" as the Pope resides in the city.
Vatican city is a center of the Catholic Church, and the World’s biggest church – St. Peter’s Basilica is also situated here.

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It's an amassment of iconic art an architecture. Citizens of Vatican city are spiritual-minded and devout.
2. Monaco
Capital: Monaco
Did You Know?

With an area of just 2 km2 it is the most dense country in the world.

It has earned a nickname as "Billionaires Playground" and is known for number game, luxury goods and services industry.
The streets of the country awaits and applauds one of the most popular event Formula 1 race as it passes through the city streets.
3. Nauru
Capital: Yaren District
Known as "Pleasant Island" as it is ringed by coral reef and that makes it a fair bet for diving.

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Did You Know?
Nauru is one of the 1st countries without an army. It is also the country with the most obese people in the world.
4. Tuvalu
Capital: Funafuti
Formerly it was known as "Ellice Island". It's a group of nine tiny islands, few are coral atolls and few have the land raised from the sea bed.
Did You Know?
Princess Margaret Hospital is the only hospital in Tuvalu. The encroaching waves and rising seas are swallowing the islands of Tuvalu.
5. San Marino
Capital: San Marino
One of the old republic in the world. It has a fortune card for tourism and that makes it one of the wealthiest economies in the world.
6. Liechtenstein
Capital: Vaduz
It's a German word for "Light stone". One of the richest German speaking country in the world.
It is named after the Liechtenstein dynasty that purchased and united the counties of Schellenburg and Vaduz.
7. Marshall Islands
Capital: Majuro
It is one of the least visited countries. The two island groups are "Ratak " meaning sunrise and "Ralik" which is sunset.

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"Copra", dried meat of coconut is important for Marshallese economy.
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis
Capital: Basseterre
Located in West Indies, its known as Mother colony of West Indies.
Sugar plantation is one of the driving forces of the economy earlier in 2005.
9. Maldives
Capital: Male
Tourism is the driving force of the economy. It consist of the small coral islands and sandbanks.
More than one fifth of the population is below 15 years and the birth rate is higher than the world average.
10. Malta
Capital: Valletta
Located in central Mediterranean.
It's known for its architectural sites, festivals and is also popular as a film location for feature films, shows cause of its serenity, cliffs as it adds to an antiquated look.