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Things To Do and See in Verona, Italy

Priyanka Wadhwani Jun 25, 2024
There is no world beyond Verona’s walls!! -Romeo Feat W.S.
Known for being the setting of Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet” Verona is a city in northern Italy’s Veneto region.
Also called as one of the most romantic cities in Italy, it is renowned for it’s ancient and historical roman buildings.
Often underrated as a tourist destination, Verona has been no less beautiful to Venice and Florence. Offering a lot of options to see and do, this city will truly amaze you.
If you are a type of person who loves to travel without the crowd, Verona is meant for you.

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Just before you plan your itinerary for this wonderful city, have a look at these amazing things to do and see there.
Teatro Romano
This semi circular seating area, near the river has a spectacular view of the famous Ponte Pietro bridge as well as the beautiful red-tile roofs of the town from the top.
Some part of it has been partially reconstructed to be functional as a cultural center during the summer period.
Arena di Verona
Visiting this ancient Roman amphitheatre is one of the best things to do in Verona because it’s so much more than a static historical sight.

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It’s actually a concert venue and is one spot worth experiencing to the fullest by attending a show here.
Piazza Bra
One of the largest piazzas not only in Italy, but in Europe, Bra functions as a kind of arrival hall before you enter the center of the city.
Cemented with pink marbles and decorated with a number of ancient buildings, restaurants, cafes, statues and more, this is a gem of a place to visit in Verona.
Castle Vecchio
An astonishing art of engineering for the Scaliger dynasty in 1354, this castle primary mode of defence of the city.
Much more to explore, it has a museum dedicated to the history of the castle also a bridge that gives you glamorous views of the city.
Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore
It is one of the most beautiful and the better preserved examples of Romanesque architecture in the whole of Northern Italy.
Famous for being the fictional place of the marriage of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet this one’s worth a visit.
Giardino Giusti
This site of the present garden, was used to boil the enormous cauldrons of dye in which wool was soaked before being laid out to dry.
Designed in an Italian Renaissance style, the gardens are some of the finest in Verona and provide a beautiful contrast to the waves of architecture that is present in the city.
Torre dei Lamberti
Just a short walk from the famous balcony of Shakespearean lovers, Torre dei Lamberti is the tallest building in Verona.
With a height of 84 meters, it offers a great 360 ° view of this historic city. Also, don’t miss the Gallery of Modern Art which is included in the same ticket.
Castel San Pietro
Inhabited since Roman times, Castel San Pietro has a strategic position and lies on a slightly elevated hill.
With world class hotels offering spas, parks, dining and a lot more, this castle is another worthy tourist place.
Roman Forum at Piazza delle Erbe
Located in the heart of historic Verona, this rectangular piazza is surrounded by beautiful medieval buildings and towers.
This bustling piazza has huge marble flagstones on the ground and has plenty of restaurants and bars along the northern side, and there's a fountain and a Roman well.
Juliet’s Balcony
This unmissable spot due to its fame from the legendary love story of Romeo & Juliette by Shakespeare is exploded with a thousands of people that cram here to take a picture with the Juliette’s statue.
Visit this with your loved one & paste your names written on the chits that hung on the wall near it.
The City of Love has a number of other attractions too, that you shouldn’t miss on... visit this wonderful city at the earliest!!