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Things to Do in Sao Miguel in Azores, Portugal

Maya Pillai Jun 22, 2024
São Miguel, the biggest island in Portuguese Azores archipelago is a nature-lover's paradise.
This archipelago lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Sao Miguel is famous among hikers, trekkers and beach lovers.
You also get a glimpse of its volcanic past by visiting one of its numerous thermal springs. In brief, it is a nature lovers paradise.
A Visit to the Twin Lakes in Sete Cidades
A crater lake that is mesmerizingly half-green and half-blue is a stunning view to behold.
Vista do Rei, Boca do Inferno and Cerrado das Freiras are viewpoints you should head towards to capture the amazing views of this lake.

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Stand-up paddling and kayaking are activities that you can enjoy on the lake..
Caldeira Velha, Ferraria, Poca Dona Beija are some of the geothermal heated springs. Each spot has a unique beauty and backdrop. Terra Nostra is largest among the pools.
Take a Dip in One of the Many Thermal Pools
Once in a lifetime experience is where uncooked food is buried in the hot ground in the morning, and by lunch time it is fully cooked. You need to book your table in advance to enjoy this meal.
Enjoy Meal Cooked By A Volcano
Terra Nostra Park
Situated in the Furnas valley is the 18th century park. It is a lush green and vibrant garden with a vast fascinating collection of flowering plants and trees. The park also houses a thermal pool and a restaurant.
Nestling high up in the mountain in the preserved areas is the breath-taking Fogo Lake. It was formed when volcanic crater collapsed.
Plan a Trip to the Unspoiled Fogo Lake
Swimming and fishing is forbidden as it is one of the most fragile zones in the island.
Visit Ferraria to Experience the Hot Ocean Water
Ferraria lies on the west coast of Sao Miguel. You can swim in the hot ocean water. However, avoid swimming during low tides as the water is very hot.
Oldest Lighthouse
On the east coast of the island lies Farol do Arnel, the lighthouse. It is situated in a picturesque and stunning location. The light house is open only on Wednesdays.
Rent a car and go on a road trip along the winding roads of the villages of Sao Miguel to enjoy the scenic Atlantic Ocean.
Go on A Road Trip Along the Coast
Driving down the villages of Salga, Lomba da Maia and Achada allows you to peep into the village life while reveling in the backdrop of white walls, red roofs, churches on one side and blue ocean on the other.
Hit A Hiking Trail
Sao Miguel has many hiking trails - short and long ones. The most popular trail is a 6-mile hike around Furnas Lake. If you are game for a steeper hike, head out to Salto do Prego waterfall. Check the weather forecast before setting out on a hike.
Don't miss out on whale watching. If you're here in April through June, you may be lucky to get a glimpse of blue whales.
During other months you may come across other types of whales and dolphins. Book in a ferry leaving from either Ponta Delgada or Vila Franca to go whale watching.
Have A Tea Break at the Only Tea Plantations in Europe
In whole of Europe, there are only two tea plantations - Gorreana and Porto Formoso. They have been producing finest orange pekoe, black and green teas since late 19th century.