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Top Things to See and Do in Rayong, Thailand

Shivangi Mujumdar Jun 25, 2024
Rayong is one such destination in Thailand which only selective travelers prefer. The beaches here are not just pristine but also stumbling that you may not have experienced anywhere before.

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Hat Laem Charoen
This is one of the busiest beaches in Rayong Province that grabs the attention of many visitors. This place has got some must-try incredible restaurants.
Koh Samet
Koh Samet is a location in Rayong province which is also known to be a National Park.
It is the place that travelers choose as an alternative to Koh Change or Samui Archipelago which is located on another corner of Thailand.
The Reclining Buddha
There is a small temple which is located on Sukhumvit road. This temple is Wat Pa Pradu where you will come across a reclining Buddha statue that is one of its kind.
Haad Saeng Chan
You can plan your trip with loved ones on weekend to this popular beach which is divided into two sections. To break the tides, there are walls made by man. This beach of saw-toothed reefs is known for swimming and sunbathing.
Be a Part of Thai Poet Celebration
Sunthorn Phu was known to be a royal poet who was also UNESCO recognized due to his work. There are some popular statues of the bizarre mermaid, which are his epic fantasy characters made, that you need to check.
Golden Meadow Mangroves Walkway
Golden Meadow is a popular mangrove forest with a classy wooden bridge which is known for the Walkway. The bird enthusiasts and nature lovers should visit this place.
Rayong Aquarium
This probably shall surprise you if you go with fewer expectations but surely you will come out with a huge smile. It is one massive Aquarium with 43 tanks and a glass tunnel for underwater wonders.
This is one popular Royal Thai Navy warship which is now a historical display that you must explore. This ship is believed to be in action during World War II.
Do some Scrambling at Prasae Warship Display
A walk through Yomjinda Road is a must. There is a river flowing parallel to the road while the Chinese based teak buildings and King Taksin Shrine at this old town will give you a great learning experience too.
Be a Part of Old Town
Once you visit Prasae and Golden Meadow, then don’t miss out on the 11-story tower that would reward you with incredible nature reserve scenery. The exciting part is the elevated tower doesn’t have any handrail to its walkway.
Climb the Skyview Tower
There are so many places that you can explore at Rayong. So, plan your visit accordingly.