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Ultimate Tourist Attractions in Angola, Africa

Megha Dahake Jun 24, 2024
The capital of Angola is filled with variations. Launda attracts visitors being a dignified flank to Africa that is absolutely stunning!
Island of Luanda is actually a 5km cape which encompasses beaches, restaurants and bars. The Ilha is a must stopover site in Luanda if you love nightspots and galas!
Ilha de Luanda (Island of Luanda)
Located in the southern suburbs of Luanda, Mussulo is a 30 km long stretched land with an extensive beach, pleasant shore and palm trees.
Ilha do Mussulo (Island of Mussulo)
Luanda Bay is situated antipodal to the city of Luanda, capital of Angola. Many shrines with historical importance are placed obverse to the Bay.
Luanda Bay
Miradouro da Lua decodes to Moon’s outlooks. It earns its label due to the galactic locale it has. It was provoked by corrosion of rain and wind.
Miradouro da Lua
Located around 75 Km south to Luanda, makes it a one day return journey. The park entails the coastal Savannah with baobab trees, prairies and mangroves.
Go to Kissama National Park
Relax in the serene air with a plunge into the calm waters. Both the beaches are on a haven with Beige sand and lovely cerulean marine. It is located 100 Km south to Luanda.

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Beaches of Cabo Ledo and Sangano
Kwanza is a big rivulet, with an enormous outflow. During scads  at the top and intervening series, the Cuanza is smashed by rapids and tumbles in a precise canyon.
Rapids of Kwanza
The brunet gravels of Pungo Andongo are a set of rock developments upright the African Savanna. Though the rocks at times give the impression of resembling diverse animals, the fact is still a mystery!
Black Stones of Pungo Andongo
These plunges are occasionally titled as the 2nd veriest thrill of Africa, after Victoria Falls. Pinpointed in the Lucala River, these falls are around 100 meters high and 400 meters broad.
Kalandula Falls
The Restinga of Lobito, recognized as Ponta da Restinga, is a geological mishap of the sandbank in Angola. It is the innate blockade that composes the bay of Lobito.
Restinga in Lobito
Benguela is a region of Angola, settled in the west of the country. It rests on the Atlantic Ocean, and encircles the county of Cuanza Sul, Namibe, Huila, and Huambo.

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Beaches of Benguela
Baia Azul and Baía Farta are lovely beaches in the outskirts of Benguela.